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Most people think getting healthy or losing weight and keeping it off means they have live a boring life of  sacrifice, starvation or deprivation. Become some sort of wacky health nut! Trade their chips for granola. Never again enjoy an ice cream sundae! Or Grandma's homemade lasagna! 


I am a Holistic Health and Nutritional Consultant, Food Educator and Authentic Lifestyle Coach.  I share a cozy little apartment in New York with my feline partner-in crime: Paqu Shadow Dancer. I cook, sing, dance, write and most importantly.....

I teach people how to eat! 

And yes, in order to achieve true health and wellness, lose weight permanently, fight sickness and disease, and start living a happier, more exciting life, you do have to make some changes. Maybe even a few radical ones, but once you start loving and appreciating yourself, exactly as you are - RIGHT NOW, you'll start paying more attention to exactly what you're allowing into your body, mind and spirit. And you'll want to make better choices.

 Once upon a time, I was sick, in pain, suffering with all sorts of female reproductive issues, high-blood pressure, chest pain,  migraines, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr - you name it. I had it! And... I constantly battled with my weight. I was a real mess. Doctors, countless surgeries and medication sometimes helped, but not for long. When I finally reached my wit's end, I took charge. I'd been reading for years about the Mind-Body-Food connection, so the first thing I did was change my thinking habits. How I thought about myself, my life, my relationships, and the world around me.  And then, I started making some serious lifestyle changes.  

Like most folks, I was SUPER-STRESSED, pressed for time, trapped in a job I hated, eating too much, drinking too much and existing on the Typical American Diet: too much meat and animal fat, Crappy Carbs made from white processed flour and sugar, Fast Food and processed products and meals. My health, my moods and my life improved in less than six months! 
I said "goodbye" to pills, excess weight, and all my doctors 
who keep insisting that radical, invasive surgery was my only option! 

I was so amazed by my own transformation, I had to study more and earn 
the proper credentials so I could share my incredible experience with others!  

And that's how Metamorphosis came to be......

My mission is to encourage others to take charge of their own health and wellness and to start nourishing themselves with GOOD STUFF!  Food is just the foundation of my practice here at Metamorphosis and once you start eating better and as a result, start looking and feeling better, you'll want to dive deeper. You'll begin to realize, as I did, that everything  you taste, see, hear, smell, and touch directly influences your body, mind and spirit.  The ways you choose to nourish your body, mind and spirit will either enhance or inhibit your health, wellness, your ability to prevent sickness and disease, your weight loss efforts and your potential to live a happy, successful, exciting life.

We Are What We Eat!

I've had the privilege of working with amazing men and women in my private practice for nearly fifteen years. I received my training and credentials from The New York Institute of Technology, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health, and Oasis Health Center for Healing, Education and Personal Growth. In addition to my consulting practice, I am a certified Reflexologist, a NYS licensed Nursing Assistant, a consultant/distributor for Purium Health Products, and a board certified member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I also share my expertise on health, wellness, weight loss and successful living as a writer and guest blogger.  Check out a few of my articles here:  Diet to Go.

How can I help you?

First, by actually listening to you rather than insisting you follow a list of set rules that might work for some folks, but not for all! We will discuss, in detail, your particular diet, lifestyle and your specific needs and goals. We'll talk about what you're doing right and discover new and exciting ways to further enhance and improve your efforts. I will help you identify some of the habits and choices that might be inhibiting your health, wellness and weight loss efforts and offer suggestions that actually work and fit into your busy schedule. I'll show you how to make time, save time and find time to do the things that are really important, like getting out there and enjoying all this beautiful, wonderful life has to offer. We'll also talk about how you think about yourself, life and the world around you and how your thoughts directly influence your health, wellness and your ability to accomplish your plans, goals and dreams. Together, we'll come up with a plan that works. Not MY plan! YOUR PLAN!

This is not a diet or a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter program. This is a life style change. 
Your TRANSFORMATION! My clients are successful because I offer easy, practical and expert advice, alternatives and solutions based on what works best for them. I am a dedicated guide, coach and cheerleader on your journey to a happier, healthier, more exciting life!

If you want to know more about me, go here: The Chick Behind Metamorphosis

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